Links and other great tools



This is a list of links for libraries needed to compile the BVRDE IDE source code.
If you just download the binary distribution, there is no need to bother with these.

Microsoft WTL library

Microsoft Platform SDK

Microsoft Html Help Workshop

The Scintilla Editor

Cryptlib library


Other tools

This is a list of links for other great tools.
You might want to explore these alternatives too.

The Anjuta C/C++ IDE.

The Dev-C++ can be used to build Windows apps as well.

gbuilder - a C/C++ IDE for Gnome (Linux).

This IDE, jEdit, is a Java IDE.

The KDevelop is a popular KDE development IDE.

Linux also has a Gnome IDE, gbuilder.

Pelles C is a pretty cool development environment.

DOS is still alive using HI-TECH software.

Magic C++ is commercial remote-compile IDE.

A simple C/C++ IDE for the MinGW compiler on Windows is MinGW Developer Studio.

Or download the tiny Visual-MinGW.

There's also Glimmer, a stalled LINUX project.

CUTE is a user-friendly source code editor easily extended using Python.

AnyEdit is a programmers editor for Windows.

The old Watcom compiler has its revival here.

And then there's WideStudio which runs on Windows, MacOSX, Linux, FreeBSD, SOLARIS and UNIX variants too.