Remote Compile

  • Open-source Windows IDE
  • Encrypted protocols
  • Compile C, C++ and more
  • Access Files Anywhere

The BVRDE is a fully integrated development environment for remote cross-platform compiling and debugging of UNIX and LINUX console applications. BVRDE runs on a Windows platform, but compiles and debugs applications on UNIX systems or any system that allow a remote Telnet or SSH connection.

There are many editor systems available on Windows; many of which allow some form of remote connection. But they rarely take remote compiling seriously. So this is an entire IDE with seamless integrated compilation and debugging facilities.


Easy to Use.


BVRDE resembles most other development environments you have tried.
The code editor has many advanced features.

Many platforms.


Designed to make remote compiling and debugging on UNIX and LINUX platforms easy.
Proven with HP-UNIX, LINUX variants, Sun Solaris, and even embedded platforms.



BVRDE integrates with all the common debuggers, such as GDB and DBX.
The debugger runs on the target platform, but you'll never really notice.

No installation.


There is no need to install anything on the remote target. Use existing compiler and debugger tools.

User Testimonials

Very useful for Unix C/C++ developer who don't want to use X-Windows. Faster than Eclipse, KDevelop.


I use my favorite tools for programming on Windows and then transfer to Linux, and then remote compile there and send back compile messages. I don't want to go mad by using VI or VIM.

Jonny Bravo

Good work   :)